College Captain’s Message
College Captain’s Message 2020-2021

John Dewey has rightly remarked, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” While knowledge is often confused for education, an education prepares an individual to adapt to circumstances and make the best of everything in their life, regardless of the circumstances. It is a very powerful tool. From 1885, we have come a long way. However, the core principle of what this institution imparts to its students has largely remained the same: to train us to be people of character and leaders of the future.

As fourteen years of my education now come to a close with a very tumultuous end. I know that the people I have spent the majority of my life with, at my second home, will tomorrow be huge names in their respective professions and we owe it all to this institution. I am confident that all Franciscans, new and old, will agree with me in that the Franciscan way of life is an all-encompassing approach to the world and one that has stood the test of time. I am utterly grateful to have been guided by perhaps some of the best guides of character in the country who have imbibed the same Franciscan values in our batch as generations before us, and will continue to do so for generations to follow.

I am not much of a poet, but I’ll try my best to do justice to Chaucer:

These walls of color red,

Generations of leaders they have bred,

They teach you something no one can,

No book, No place, No other man.

In the storm of life, come to this place,

And you shall be guided by Francis’ grace,

In bleak you will always stand strong,

To these red walls you do belong.

I’m sure this needs no reminding but, my fellow Franciscans, do not forget to answer when duty calls. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,” but not all players are equal. You have the honor of being a Franciscan. Do justice to yourself and all who believe in you. You have one shot. Make it count.

-Parth Parth
College Captain

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