St. Francis Of Assisi, Our Patron
He discarded his fine clothes and wore rough clothes and plain leather strap sandals. He then begged for stones to repair the church. To raise funds, he sold his favourite horse, Raphael, his flute and clothes that had been stitched for his wedding. He continued to work hard depriving himself of food and sleep. In 1220, he founded two Orders, Order of Friars Minor, his first order and Order of the Poor Ladies, his second order. He got the approval of Pope Innocent III for 12 Brothers Minor to work in God’s vineyard. St. Francis was known for his love and concern for animals. He always attended to any creature that needed help and these creatures reciprocated his love. At Gubbio, he tamed a ferocious wolf that killed children. This wolf, now followed him like a puppy, and sat at his feet. On another occasion, swallows kept chattering and disturbing him. They stopped their chatter when St. Francis said, ” My little sisters, the swallows, it is now time to speak. Now listen to the word of God and be quiet” .On 4th October 1226, God called Francis to his eternal reward. His untiring efforts to work in Christ’s vineyard were not left unrewarded. In 1228, he was declared a Saint. Many later Saints were inspired by St. Francis of Assisi. We celebrate the patrons day every year on 4th October.

St. Francis of Assisi was the son of a rich merchant, Pietro Bernardone and lady Pica. His childhood was rather a happy one. He loved to sing. Once he sang to Lady Ortotena and received in return a precious dragon-shaped ring. When he was just seven, he realised the obligation to protect the ladies of his house and accompanied them to the market. As Francis grew up, he showed signs that he was God’s chosen one. He fed the poor and hungry people and animals with the money he obtained from his mother. So deep was his concern for lepers that he was not averse to embrace them. On one occasion, he disappeared from a party and was finally found in deep thought. When questioned, he made it known to them about his intention of adopting a life of poverty. One day, Francis was praying at the ruined church before a crucifix. While he was deeply engrossed in prayer, oblivious of everything around him, he heard a voice telling him, “Go Francis and repair my church, which you see is falling into ruin”. When he heard a definite call from Christ, he did not waver.