Dear Parents, Teachers, Students and Well Wishers,

What is life if it is not lived for others”. With these simple words and thoughts I addressed my teachers and students

Dear Parents, students and well-wishers of the Franciscan family- my prayerful greetings to all of you. First and foremost I would like to express my deep sentiments of gratitude to every one of you for your constant support, love and concern towards the college which enables and encourages......
St. Francis' College is a recognised, unaided Anglo-Indian minority institution established and administered by The Catholic Diocese of Lucknow, a charitable Religious Society registered in Lucknow under the Societies Lucknow under the Societie ...
School's New Building
The institution had a very humble beginning. From the first two destitute children to the present strength of nearly two thousand students is a far cry, yet it is a proof of the sound....
School's Old Building
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