Every student is required to wear the college uniform which consists of the following:-

Summer :
Light grey shorts upto class V and trousers from class VI onwards, white plain shirt, black and plain oxford shoes with laces (no fancy shoes), black socks. College tie, belt and the House badge.

Winter :
Grey worsted flannel, navy blue pull-over and blazer with College crest, black and plain oxford shoes with laces, black socks/stockings, tie, belt and the House badge.
Note : For Nursery & K.G. bow instead of tie

SATURDAYS : (Both Summer and Winter)
White trousers instead of grey and plain white P.T. shoes.
All students should be careful to attend class and other College functions strictly in College uniform. They should pay special attention to the exact shade of the uniform approved by the College. Boys attending College without proper uniform may not be permitted to attend the classes.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”. All should come to College neat and tidy; shoes should be well polished and hair cut short. No beard, long hair nor moustache is allowed except for SIKH students. They should wear navy blue turbans.