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Name: Naman Gupta
Date: 19-Sep-2020
Profession: Student
Comment: Hello, I am an ex-student of St. Francis College. I passed out in year 2015 in 12th standard. Currently I am a Master's student at The University of Melbourne, Australia. I was going through the website of school and looking old photos and staff and I noticed something strange. I was a prefect in year 2013-14 when I was in 11th standard, but there is no record of it in the school website. I checked the college cabinet section and I think many names from the year 2013-14 are mixed up as I cannot see my record. I know it does not matter much now as so many years have passed since then but that year was really memorable for me, and it felt good that I was a member of school cabinet as a prefect at that time. Therefore, I may kindly request you to please look into this matter and help me out in this confusion as this means a lot to me.
Rating: Good
How you know: I am an ex-student

Total Records: 1