College Captain’s Message
College Captain’s Message 2017-2018

“Duty and honor. These words dictate what you can be, and what you are.”
- Sir Douglas

When you look at the magnificent red and white edifice, what do you see? A school? Ask the people who graduate from here; what this institution means to them. How this place is like their home. How it has turned mere boys into men of grandeur.
The enriching history that this college has, is beyond comparison. I can write a message full of boastful, big words but I'd rather like to make everyone understand the role St. Francis has played in our lives and how it is an honor to be a Franciscan.
St. Francis' College in its 132 years of providing quality education and grooming boys has never failed a student on its part. The students have always excelled in academics at national and international level.
Numerous students are selected at the world's best colleges every year and there are stories of entire batches qualifying for the IIT. The students today proudly carry on the tradition of academic excellence.   
With a overall development in perspective, the special emphasis on co-curricular activities has yielded great results. St. Francis' has produced some of the best debaters, quizzers, actors etc. Many a player have made it to the state and national sports teams as well.
People are amazed at the number of Franciscans in the Armed Forces. It's just a result of the discipline and sense of duty inculcated since childhood.
The college, no doubt, has a rich and magnificent past and it falls upon our shoulders to write the present and lay the foundation for the future. Pushing ourselves to our limits and giving our best at everything should be our motive. As the captain, I'll try to the best of my abilities, to lead by example and show the way for others. The glory is to be maintained by every student on the roll. Let us all find it in our hearts to strive and work hard to make our parents, our teachers, ourselves and our college proud.
Pax-et Bonum.

College Captain

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