College Captain’s Message
College Captain’s Message 2016-2017

You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals.
- Marie Curie

We often talk of building a better world but that can only start when we start building better individuals.
St. Francis’ College has to its credit of being the Alma Mater to many such individuals who are now occupy high levels in the Government, Corporate Sector, the Armed Forces and many other fields.
When these gentlemen sometimes visit our college for some function or special occasion they all have a common refrain that they are, what they are, largely due to the impact of the years they spent at St. Francis’ College. They all nostalgically reminisce about a few common themes:-
The first being the Discipline of St. Francis’ College and how it has helped them to be disciplined individuals which has further enabled them to attain great heights in their Academic and Professional lives.
The second is their fond memories of the Principals who were there at their time and the teachers who taught them. Many recount the many anecdotes that happened in their lives with their respective teachers.
When I hear all these incidents it makes me proud to be part of the Legacy of St. Francis’ College. As I spend, what will perhaps be the last year of my schooling I can understand some of the sense of pride that these Alumni feel. It is such a joy to be part of this Legacy and History, seeing lives being made, careers moulded and the direction given to so many young lives by our Principal Rev. Fr. Alwyn Moras, Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Biraj Chelekchela and our highly qualified and dedicated teachers.   
Having studied in the College since Nursery, I can very confidently say that while it is the academic excellence for which it is known, the College believes in the holistic development of each student through the various extra-curricular activities, sports and games. The teachers take extra care to nurture and develop the best in every child.
St. Francis’ has always been true to the teachings of its Patron St. Francis of Assisi who preached the words of the Lord Jesus Christ For it is in giving that we receive.” And continues to give the Best to the students entering in its portals. No wonder that so many pay homage to this great Institution.

Ishaak Mall
College Captain

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